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Lightning Track

Roadside Assistance App
Roadside Assistance App

Meet the CEO

Welcome to Lightning Track.

We are recreating the way the world gets roadside assistance.
Fast and efficient roadside service is what live for. Never get stranded again,”roadside assistance in a flash”

What we do?.

Who’s you’re service provider Our Culture within Lightning Track emphasizes doing the right thing, using the right tools for efficiency for Service Providers and employees.

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Roadside assistance and beyond

In addition to helping users get fast Efficient roadside services,we’re helping people and existing businesses get jobs becoming a lighting track service provider.

Roadside Assistance App
Emergency Service App

Your Safety

Whether you’re on a busy interstate or a lonely road we ensure that you’re in good hands with our team of professional service providers.

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Lightning Track’s Technology

Changing the future with how people request roadside assistance in emergencies.

Roadside Assistance App


Lightning Track compliance & ethics outlines our beliefs and organization principles.We’re committed to the highest level of transparency & integrity.we achieve this from the shared beliefs of our employees to uphold this standard.

Roadside Emergency App


It’s our goal to create a work environment that is inclusive and reflects the diversity for all.we encourage everyone to be their authentic self and embrace their unique perspectives.By creating this utopia We implore everyone from every background to strive to make Lightning Track a better place for our employees and customers.

What we do

Lightning Track
Apps and Services

Lightning Tracks is an on-demand roadside emergency platform that is reinventing roadside service.Our Technology helps us cultivate and maintain a multisided platform that connects Customers in need to independent service providers for efficient service.
Our technology currently operates in two countries United States & Canada connecting Customers to Service providers.
Earn money with Lightning track

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Road assistance service is a must for everyone. It’s not just about getting your car fixed, it’s about getting you back on the road.

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Emergency Services App
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Roadside Assistance App
Roadside Assistance App

What Our Happy Clients say

Roadside Assistance App Emergency Response App
Emergency Services App

Roger Federic

Lightning Track is so fast and reliable to get help when needed. I got fixed my car battery in 30 minutes. Thank you again.

Quick Response App

Maria Jones

Lightning track app is easy to use. Their service is speedy, and you can track tow trucks on the app.

Roadside Assistance App

Scott Kelly

Flat Tire emergency no more waiting for hours for help. Instead, the safest way to get quick help is utilizing the Lightning Track app.

Roadside Assistance App

Ervin Marshall

I get someone at my car with gas in 20 min! Very fast. Thanks, Lightning Track, for getting me back on the road quickly!

Roadside Assistance App

Jason Calvert

Lightning Track helps me lockout emergencies on the highway and get a locksmith on my location within minutes.